Thursday, April 4, 2013

Doernbecher admission

Surprise!! Mateo started drooling blood from his ostomy again, so I called Dr Terry, Mateo's gastro. She scheduled us a. Appointment for Wed morning. We go to the appointment and she decides right away to admit him. So here we are, on the surgical unit on the 9th floor of Doernbecher Childens Hospital, miles and hours from home. Its hard on both of us being here. Normally I cope well with hospital stays but I've never felt so isolated. Being two hours from home, none of my family will make it up to visit... Im so glad my bff lives up here. She's hopefully visiting today!
Now that im done whining, back to Mateo. He got admitted and we had to wait for a room. Once in our room, they put an IV in and took blood. Then xrays were done. Late last night they placed an Ng tube, a small tube fed through his nose, down his throat and into his tummy. Then xrays were done to make sure the tube was placed correctly. Mateo had a really hard time with the tube. He fought it, cried, screamed, gagged, and threw up. It breaks my heart to watch him go through all this. I even had to sit down, I got light headed and dizzy. I can't imagine how he felt.
It was a very exhausting night, his tube was used to pump fluids directly to his stomach to clean out his digestive tract. This is in preparation for his endoscopy today. They need him cleared out to be able to see. The GI thinks he could have an ulcer on the suture line from his last surgery.
but back to the exhaustion- mateos ostomy needed emptied often, vitals, his IV beeping, equaled NO sleep. Im so tired, but he seems rearing to go! :)
its a waiting game now, for an or to do the scope. Then we wait for results and go from there. I'll post more when I get more information.   

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