Sunday, October 9, 2011


Wow, this year has brought a lot of changes to our family. In March, we found out that Mateo is going to be a big brother! We will be welcoming Aneli Leraine to the family in November! Mateo already loves his baby sister!

Shortly after finding out we are adding to our family, we also got smaller. Mateo's dad decided that it is best that he not live with us anymore, and has moved out. So our household now is Mateo and mommy and soon- Aneli as well. We are doing well with this change, and Mateo gets to spend plenty of time with his papi.

Along with his huge change, there was more! Mateo's surgeon, Dr. George Wadie decided to leave Sacred Heart Medical Center @ Riverbend to move to the East Coast. This news left us as a family devestated. Dr. Wadie has been like part of the family since Mateo was born. He has done every surgery and every procedure that is associated with Hirschsprungs Disease (HD). There is not one single soul in our area that has any idea on how to treat HD or the problems associated with it. Before he left, Dr. Wadie did reccommend that we switch pediatricians as well. So we have an ENTIRE NEW TEAM working on Mateo's case. His new pediatrician is Dr. Lorna Wong with Peacehealth pediatrics. So far so good with her, I hope we continue to work well together. As for a surgeon, Dr. Wadie suggested Dr. Garret Zallen at OHSU in Portland, seeing as Sacred Heart has not found a preplacement pediatric surgeon. We have a meeting set up in November to meet Dr. Zallen. As a mother, I am completely in a panic about all these changes- Mateo has done so well up to this point. His growth, his weight, everything. And with all new doctors, I don't know if this trend will continue, and this scares me so much! But, what can I do? I do what I can, and that is to research and find the 2nd best for Mateo, since the BEST is no longer in our area... I will update as we know more about our new "team".