Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finally some Answers!

So, here we are, 2 nights and 3 days into another admission to Doernbecher. Mateo was passing blood from his ostomy and complaining of tummy pain. We went to the ER to have labs done, when Dr Muir got the results she wanted us up here asap. Mateo's hemacrite and iron levels were low due to blood loss.
we came up, got an Ng tube and an IV. They took labs again and ran fluids along with golitely, a solution to clean out his intestine. The following morning we headed to the OR for an endoscopy. Dr Muir did it herself and found the issue! YAY for answers, boo for the solution. It is a staple from his last surgery that is poking out causing an ulcer. Mateo will need surgery to fix it.
Right now he has been on IV infusions of iron to raise his blood counts. We are set to go home tonight with iron supplements and a plan to follow up in 2 weeks as well as to make an appt with the surgeon (Dr Zallen). We also have to get labs done  on Mon or Tues to check his levels.
Sadly, I just emptied Mateo's pouch and he's started to pass blood again. Im hoping & praying we can still go home and get care at Sacred Heart if needed. Its hard on us both to be so far from home and away from family, especially Aneli!!