Thursday, April 4, 2013

2nd Endoscopy

Welp, Mateo's hanging in there... He hasn't ate since dinner (his ONLY meal yesterday) and hez not happy about it. They kept him npo (nothing by mouth) for his endoscopy. It was supposed to be at 10am but ended up getting pushed back til 1 or a little after.
Everything went well, no complications. He still has eosinophils in his esophagus so they did another biopsy, but didn't find any bleeding or anything else concerning. While under, they removed his Ng  tube.
We had a couple visitors today, Brynn and Sean! I was happy to see my bff, and Mateo got a huge lightening McQueen balloon and some propel! :)
He is no longer npo so he had some graham  crackers and propel. We ordered some food and  will  be having our first meal of the day at 5pm!!
From here, the gastro wants to do an upper GI, meaning he'll go npo again and in the morning be will drink some dye and have xrays taken. Im a bit confused though cuz we just saw the dietician and she said we might get to go home tonight or tomorrow...
as for the dietician, we are going dairy AND soy free now. We'll see how he does with that once we are home...
We are hanging in there on day 2 of our stay. The mobile Xbox 360 has been my saving grace, haha!! It keeps him focused on something other than food or wanting to go home.
I'll be glad if we get to go home, so we can still make it to the coast this weekend...

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