Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 3 @ Doernbecher

Its Friday. Day 3 of admission, 3rd day of not seeing my sweet baby girl, 3 missed days of work, and the last few days of Mateo's spring break. I am really missing home, my daughter, and I feel bad for having to miss work. But I know this is where we need to be to get Mateo sorted. We need to figure out why he stools blood.
Mateo had dinner last night and went npo again from midnight on. Its now a little after 1130am and he's been asking for food since he woke up. We've been playing Xbox 360 and frequenting the playroom quite often to distract him. We've walked the halls.
Just a bit ago radiology came for us and we went down for his Upper GI. He cried the whole way there. I think he's tired of tests, poking and prodding... He refused to drink the barium, we tried strawberry and chocolate flavors. They ended up sucking it into a bulb syringe and squirting it in his mouth. It took me and 2 others to hold him down. Once that was over, the xrays were a breeze! He was awarded a can of playdoh and some angry bird stickers. We are now back in our room, the xray tech comes every half hour to take more pics... Hopefully he'll be able to eat soon, mamas hungry too!! 
I asked how long we'll be here and noone seems to know... Im hoping today so we can still go to the coast tomorrow! But who knows! 
Mateo is doing quite well and is in good spirits. I hope they get us some answers soon!

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