Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Dreaded EC

We have had a great run in the last 7 months. No HUGE problems, no hospitalizations, no bouts of dehydration or gastroenteritis... It has been amazing to have a healthy boy for so long. But, as they say... all good things must come to an end. And so they did. Mateo caught a stomach bug, and was just having really watery output from his ileostomy. I was keeping a close eye on him, and pushing fluids. Then on May 30th, we went out to breakfast as a family, and at the restauraunt, Mateo said he was sleepy and layed down on the booth seat. Then he got up and said his tummy hurt, and proceeded to throw up all over the table, again all over the floor and all over mommy. So we ended up getting our food to go, and headed home. I tried to continue to push fluids, but he had lost interest by this point. He was starting to look bad, so I took him to the doctor. Being Memorial Day, we had to go to the after hours clinic, and see an on-call dr. Well he looks, YES, looks at Mateo and says he 's only 5% dehydrated and to give him pedialyte at home. He'll be fine. Yea, no one knows exactly what to do with a sick TCHD kid. So we go home and Mateo deteriorates so fast! So we ended up at the ER with in hours. Of course, he is very dehydrated and needs to be admitted for IV fluids. His surgeon is called, and diagnoses Enterocolitis. It is an infection of the bowel that can be FATAL if not treated. So, antibiotics, IV fluids, and a 4 day, 3 night hospital stay, and we are all back home and into our daily routine again. Mateo is back to his 2 year old self!