Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'd like to start today's post by stressing the fact that I HATE DOING LAUNDRY. Don't get me wrong, I like for us to have clean clothes, and I don't mind putting the close in the washer and then transferring to the dryer, but I hate sorting, folding, hanging and putting away the finished product.

Having an HD child makes me do a lot of things I don't "like" doing, and laundry is one of them. I do an excessive amount of laundry. Having an ileostomy, Mateo's output is not normal. It is more watery in consistancy. Sometimes completely liquid. And ostomy bags don't hold well with liquid output. So, Mateo's bags will leak, causing dirty clothes, and he will need to be changed. Worse case scenerio is what happened this morning.

I wake up and can smell a well... SMELL. Mind you, Mateo's room is down the hall from mine, past 2 closets and the bathroom. I get up to go check on the situation, and Mateo's ostomy bag is still in place, but the closure came unsnapped. The entire contents of his bag since 9pm last night are now all over him, his blankets, pillow, and crib. This is cause for me to strip and clean his entire bed, strip him down and put him in the bath, as well as sterilize his G-tube attachments, as he was on a drip feed last night.

I know kids in general go through a lot of laundry, but add HD to the mix of things, and I could have a full time laundering job!

All I can say is " oh the joys of being an HD mom"!