Monday, March 11, 2013

CMNH Champion trip 2012

WOW, is all I can say. So being Childrens Miracle Network Champion for the state of Oregon definitely has it's perks. On Sept 16th, we flew out of Eugene headed East. It was Mateo and Aneli's first airplane ride, and what a ride it was. We flew all the way to Washington, DC. 
Once in DC, We were welcomed at the airport by media, balloons, clapping, cheering! It was incredible! we stayed in an amazing hotel, and we did lots of crazy stuff! We met celebrities: Country music singer Mark Wills, Miss America, and tons of Congressmen! We went to the National Space Museum, and the place closed down, just for us miracle families!! It was incredible! We had lunch on capitol hill, saw the Grant Statue, went to the National Aquarium, and believe it or not, we toured the WHITE HOUSE! Yes, the WHITE HOUSE! Just when you think it couldn't possibly get any better, we met..... BO, the first DOG! HAHA, we really did, but we also met his owner, President Barack Obama!!! Such an incredible experience to have walked freely through the White House, sat in the East Room and had the President of the United States stroll in and talk with us! He high fived me, Carlos, and Mateo, and he gave  baby Aneli a fist bump!! ( LOL). From the white house, we boarded a Delta charter plane ( a HUGE plane for just us miracle families!) and headed to Orlando, Florida to Walt Disney World!! As we left the airport, there were firetrucks spraying water over the plane! We got first class treatment, everything from water, blankets,  headsets, tvs, and food! We arrived in Orlando and boarded charter buses to our Resort, Coronado Springs. We once again had a welcome party! There were so many people all cheering for us, it felt like we were celebrities! Mateo was in 7th heaven! He loved all the attention!! HE truly was famous!!
The next day, we headed out early to Disney World, where we did a live radio interview on KPNW with Mark Wills. We had all day at the parks, we did Disney World, then Epcot. We had VIP passes to the Parades, one being " Celebrate a Dream Come True".  While in Orlando, we had a pin exchange, we all sat in room and Mateo along with the other champions, gave out their signature in exchange for a pin. After the pin exchange we had a metal ceremony where Mateo was awarded a metal for his courage, bravery and strength and for being a CHAMPION! Here we met Nick Cannon and Jordin Sparks! Nick was the emcee and Jordin performed and danced on stage with all the champion kids!! I don't want to leave out that Mateo met and took pictures with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto as well!! :)
This trip was truly amazing, and Mateo still talks about it. But what he talks about most is the friendships he made on the trip! Mateo was surrounded by other champions who were different, but like him. He felt comfortable showing his "bolsa" and letting the kids know he has Hirschsprungs Disease. He misses his friends from the trip, and we hope to reunite with them this fall. :)
Thank you CMNH for choosing Mateo to be Oregon's Childrens Miracle Network Champion for the State of Oregon!

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