Monday, March 11, 2013

UofO Dance Marathon 2013

For the past few years Mateo being such a miracle and all, has participated in the Dance Marathon. It is held at the University of Oregon, and tons of college students and miracle families all get together and dance for 12 hours to benefit CMN.
Every year, we go as a family to show our support and to share Mateo's miracle story. We talk about my pregnancy, and how we thought everything was perfectly normal. Then we tell how Mateo was born, and diagnosed with Hirschsprungs Disease and Short Bowel Syndrome. We share our daily struggles and all the obstacles Mateo has overcome over the years.

This gives the people dancing more of a reason to keep dancing, and to keep fundraising for CMN, and it helps the people who donate to really see where and how the funds they give are being used. We are so very proud to be a part of Dance Marathon and we hope to go for many more years!!

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