Monday, March 11, 2013

I-5 N we go...

The other day, we were going about our normal routine to get ready for the day. Mateo's ostomy bag was leaking, so we did a change before we headed off to school. I get the new pouch on and Mateo says, " look mom, blood's coming out!". I look and much to my suprise, there is nothing but blood in his bag. Not a huge amount, but scary nonetheless. I call his pediatrician, who asks me to bring him in right away. I take him in and she doesn't know what to do. She makes a few calls ( one to our peds surgeon, and one to Mateo's gastroenterologist up at Doernbecher Childrens in Portland). She comes back in the room and says, " I hate to tell you this, but they want to see him in Portland." So, we get the call and make an appointment for the following day. We get up at 430am, pile in and head to the hospital. We see Dr. Terry, who does and external exam and says Mateo looks like he's lost a good amount of blood. She orders the dietian to come meet with us, and a blood draw. The labs came back good enough to send us home, but she wanted to do a scope to see what was causing the bleeding. We go home for 2 days, then it was back to Doernbecher. This time we see a different gastro, and it's in the surgery dept. Mateo is put under, and a camera was put down his throat and one in his stoma. During the procedure, unknown to us, he had quit breathing twice and had to be intubated. Otherwise the endoscopy went well, we are still awaiting results. She did tell us that they found an "abnormality" in his esophagus that she biopsied. The bleeding has stopped, but we still don't know what caused it in the first place. So for now, we are taking it day by day and awaiting the results from the endoscopy, which should take about a week. Til then, we keep our fingers crossed and pray that it's nothing serious.

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