Monday, September 3, 2012

No more tube!!

So, I realized it's been quite some time since I have blogged. I need to go back almost 8 months to catch up!
Pre- op

Post-op eating a popcicle and watching cartoons!
So, Mateo has been doing quite well, like I said in the previous post. He is truly exceeding every expectation from every one of his care givers. We were not using his G-tube anymore, except for the occassions when he would get sick, I would hook him up to a drip of pedialyte to fend off dehyration. Dr Wadie, Mateo's previous surgeon wanted us to keep the G-tube for convenience, which would be fine, but the G-tube would leak, leaving wet stains on Mateo's clothes, and being wet, it would get yeast infections, and cause "granulation tissue" growth. Granulation tissue is more or less scar tissue. This would bleed on occassion as well, making more stains and needing more care. After several doctors appointments and several visits to the Wound and Ostomy Clinic, and after so many cauterizations at home ( HATED doing that to my little boy!) we met with our new Surgeon, Dr. Zallen at Doernbecher Children's Hospital. His first statement was that we needed to get rid of the G-tube. A biopsy was done of the "granulation tissue" and turned out to not be granulation after all. It was his stomach lining growing up and out of the stoma. This meant that Mateo's G-tube removal wouldn't be as easy as just taking it out and letting it close. It meant another surgury. So surgery was scheduled, and on January 24th of this year, we made the 2 hour drive up to Portland and Mateo had surgery #5. Mateo was incredibly brave and strong and did quite well. We were only at the hospital maybe 5 hours, and we went home tube free!! One less thing for us to care for and be concerned about, and one less thing to set Mateo apart from everyone else! WE were ecstatic! Since the G-tube removal, we have not missed it or needed it at all! He is continuing to do amazing! Dr Zallen was a great surgeon, and we are happy to be working with him.

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