Tuesday, November 30, 2010

End of November '10

It's been a while after Mateo's surgery, so I figured I should update the blog! Surgery seems to be successful. Pre-op, Mateo weighed in at 23lbs, and post-op at his appt at OHSU with his gastroenterologist, he jumped up to 30lbs!! So, the STEP procedure has definately helped his absorption of food!
Dr Annie Terry at OHSU couldn't believe it! So, she has lowered his sodium intake, as well as allowing him to go 1 night a week without being hooked up to his G-tube for feeds. We have to go in for a weight check here in a couple weeks, if he is still gaining weight, we will cut another night, making it only 5 days a week with G-tube feeds! That would make mama very happy!!
The consistancy of his output has changed as well since surgery. It has been thicker, almost pasty, which has been amazing, no more chaning pouches multiple times a day, or even every day. We have been having pouches that stay on for 2 days, which has been unheard of for Mateo! Things are really starting to look up!

Mateo is also really growing into a lil man. He now tells me when his pouch is coming off, or "leaking" in his words, which has avoided BIG messes, which I am beyond grateful for.

We are currently woring with CMN and doing what we can to give back. I recently told Mateo's story to a group of students from the UofO (UofO Dance Marathon Retreat) and they have asked us to tell our story at the Marathon as well, which we will of course. And this Thursday, we will be at Sacred Heart for the Credit Union for Kids Raffle, benefitting CMN. We get to draw the lucky raffle ticket winner and the grand prize is a.......... CAR! We are looking forward to that! :)

I am also working to raise awareness of Hirschsprungs Disease, and am going to be looking into some fundraising to help find a cure. :)

Well, please keep checking back, I will keep updating as things happen. Thank you for following our story!

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