Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Post Op

Mateo had his surgery a day early. And boy did I get a scare. The surgery was allotted 2.5 hours, and Mateo didn't come out of surgery for 6.25 hours. Luckily, and thank goodness, there were no complications. No blood loss, he didn't lose any bowel. The surgery was a success. Mateo now has enough bowel to have the pull through procedure done at a later time, depending on if he has firmer output from his ostomy. :)
The only downfall to the surgery is that we still don't any answers as to why Mateo's bowel was distended. There were no adhesions or scar tissue... So there is a chance it could happen again, which would cause another surgery. We can only wait and see.
As for post op, all is going well. Mateo is passing gas and stooling from his ostomy. Tomorrow he will be taken off his epidural. He is done with iv antibiotics, and he is getting 20cc of formula per hour drip feed for 4 hours. If he tolerates it, he will be increased by 10ccs every 4 hours until we reach 60ccs an hour. And today he is also ok'd to have clear liquids by mouth!! YAY, will be be excited!!
He is making great progress toward coming home. Now is just the waiting game, to get him to tolerate feeds and then hopefully we can go home!!
I do want to take a second to say thank you to everyone who is following Mateo's adventure. Thank you for your well wishes, your support and most of all, your prayers!!
I also want to thank CMN- with out your support, my son wouldn't be here today!
Dr Wadie, you are AMAZING! Thank you for taking on Mateo's case and working so closely with us! You are literally a LIFE SAVER!
And to the SHMC-Riverbend PEDS staff, thank you for taking such good care of Mateo! We do appreciate it!

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