Saturday, February 27, 2010

In the hospital

We are in the hosptial. We came to the ER because Mateo hadn't had a bowel movement in about 12+ hours, and was vomiting. I was worried about a blockage, so I called his surgeon who told me to get to the hospital. After being here since 7am Friday morning, we've had x rays, blood tests, the works, and it doesn't seem to be a blockage. They are assuming he as an infection of the bowel. He is currently on IV fluids ONLY, and receiving antibiotics.
It is SO HARD to listen to your baby cry with hunger and not be able to do a thing about it. I can feel and almost hear my heart breaking.
I'm not sure how long we will be here, we did x rays again this morning, and we are waiting for the results. He has since had a bowel movement and is passing gas, so things are looking up!! His surgeon is going to let us do drip feedings through the Gtube here shortly, that should make Mateo feel a little bit better.
Please send some prayers for us!

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