Monday, February 22, 2010


Mateo was a planned pregnancy, and I had a due date of Oct 17th 2008. I had all the prenatal care, and I was taking pre natal vitamins before I conceived. We went to a genetic specialist for ultrasounds- to be sure all was well with the pregnancy. I was told that everything was fine and he was healthy. I went into Labor on Sunday Oct 19th. The contractions woke me from my sleep. I labored at home all day, until my husband Carlos got to axious and forced me to the hospital. :) I stayed the night at the hospital, and after hours and hours of labor and an epedural we were having a baby! Hours of pushing and my OB realized Mateo was "sunny side up" and wanted to take him C- Section. I was intent on having a vaginal birth. We ended up having to use the "vacuum". On the 2nd try, Mateo was born! He had a temporary "cone head", one strong set of lungs LOL, 1o fingers and 10 toes. He looked perfect. Doctors told me I gave birth to a happy healthy little boy!

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