Friday, May 24, 2013

2nd Hospital visit in 2 days/ Meeting the new Gastro

So, we went to the doctor Monday morning after Mother's Day, and Dr Wong took one look at Mateo and knew he needed fluids. So she admitted him to the PEDS unit at the hospital. The good thing is we got to bypass the ER and his IV was done by a PEDS nurse, he was only poked once. It was still frustrating since I had to call in sick to work, Mateo had to be poked AGAIN, and he had to sit in the hospital again. I think this should have been taken care of either in the ER or they should have just transferred us to PEDS like I had asked for.
But what do I know?
We spent the day in PEDS, where Mateo got IV fluids and had his labs drawn. His platelets were still low and his electrolytes were low. All the peds doc was worried about was getting him hydrated since we had a GI follow up scheduled for Thursday. We were discharged that evening and Mateo has been doing well since.

That same week, we had Mateo's GI follow up appt with his new Gastro, Dr Linda Muir. Our GI that has been with him since day one is retiring, so we decided to start with a new GI now, and get to know her, let her consult with Dr Terry before her retirement.
The appointment went great. She is a great person, I like her alot. She was personable and friendly. She was super impressed with Mateo and how well he is doing despite having TCHD, Short Bowel and EE. She said his growth is outstanding! I am proud of my boy and all that he has conquered.
Her plan is that she put him on meds for the EE, a steroid. It is to coat his esophagus and help with inflammation. She wants to see us back in 3 months ( around Aug) to check up on him, and at that point we will schedule his next endoscopy to follow up with his EE and see if it's getting better. IF it is getting better, we may be able to reintroduce soy into his diet. This would make life so much easier. Being sugar, dairy and soy free is extremely limiting!! I've had to completely change the way I shop and cook! But it's worth it for my son and his well being!!

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