Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yesterday after Mateo's labs, I got a call from the doctor's office. They said his labs were all normal except for his glucose. It was a little bit high. So in two weeks, they want Mateo to fast and then repeat the labs. This does not make me very happy. It is hard to have a 2 year old "fast". And it is a huge ordeal just walking into the clinic let alone letting someone poke him and draw his blood.
On to this morning. It started out like any other morning. Mateo woke up and called me. "mommy! Mommy! Ven! (come -in spanish) I go to his room and he says "I want out". He is still sleeping in a crib. He hasn't even attempted to climb out, and I find it easier with him being connected to his feeding tube at night. So, I take his PJ's off, change his diaper, disconnect his feeding tube, change the dressing, and I lift him out of the crib and stand him on the floor to go empty his colostomy bag when I feel something hit my foot. I look down and his mic key button is laying on the top of my foot. I pick him up and lay him on his changing table (yes, i still use that too- easier for bag changes, etc) and I get the phone and call the surgeon's office. I have a spare mic key just for this type of occassion. But I have NEVER actually needed it. When his tube has come out (twice) it was with the sitter or at the hospital. I get on the line with the nurse and she walked me through how to replace the tube. I have seen it done a few times, but it's different when you're home alone and in a little bit of a panic. But I got the new button in, and Mateo survived! LOL. I'm still a bit shaky and nervous after the whole ordeal, but we made it through, and now I'm confident that if it happens again, I will be able to handle it on my own! Mateo was quite the trooper. After wards he wanted to tell everyone that "tube come out, mama fix it. " LOL!!!

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